Book ESCAPE ROOM for your next corporate event. You will experience a well executed team-building event that will motivate and boost your staff’s enthusiasm and energy. ESCAPE ROOM is the right event for you!

ESCAPE ROOM by Midgaard Event is a live, real life “room escape” game and it’s ideal to promote teamwork and will get you to thing creative and is designed for team-building. Our game is designed to be a part of for example a meeting, theme day, educational program, corporate party och Christmas luncheon. ESCAPE ROOM helps to raise the team feeling, show your teams strengths and weaknesses, test your communication skills and at the same time the game brings an atmosphere of involvement and fun. We have three identical game rooms, that allows you to compete towards your colleagues in teams of 3-6 people. Which team is the best to work together, solve the riddles and manage to escape the room first?

Groups of 19+

If you book for example 4 or 6 teams, we can let 2 or 3 teams compete at the same time while the remaining 2 or 3 teams will be entertained with another activity. After half of the time has passed the teams alternate between the activities. At the same time as some teams are in the ESCAPE ROOM the remaining teams might want to enjoy a beer/water/wine, relax with a board game, or try one of our other fun event possibilities in our conference room (see below).

Follow the teams

In our control room can director, HR manager follow the game in real time. From here can you observe the teams cooperation and see differens factors such as group dynamics, personality types and how well the team work under pressure, and more things like timemanagement, planing and problemsolvin abilities. You may also bring your own coach for observe your team throughout the entire game.

For companies we offer the following possibilities in our facilities:

• Extraordinaire and popular team-building event

• Conference room for meetings

• Celebrate your effort with Champagne

• Beer/water/wine, fruit, crisps and snacks

• Catering

Restaurants close by at Tripadvisor
– Designcafeen 500 m (Haraldsgade 101, 2100 Copenhagen)
– Thaiaway 700m (Skt Kjelds Plads 5, 2100 Copenhagen)
– Stedsans på Østergro 700 m
– Café Beef and Burger 700 m (Masnedøgade 4, 2100 Copenhagen)
– Geranium, 3-star Michelin 900 m
– At Osterbrogade there are a wide selection of cafés and restaurants 1,4 km.

• Easy to get here with public transportation

• Close to main road (Lygbyvejen)

• Free parking options

Together with Midgaard Event, you can combine ESCAPE ROOM with plenty of fun events

• Casino Event

• Cocktail courses

• Champagne tasting

• Wine tasting

Example on a schedule for 30 participants with ESCAPE ROOM and another activity

15.00: 3 teams à 5 people try the ESCAPE ROOM and compete about whom will be the first to escape. At the same time there is another acticity planned for the 15 remaining participants. This could be f.ex Casino Event, Wine tasting or a Cocktail couse

16.30: Change of activity

18.00: Completion

Events out of the building in Denmark

Midgaard Event is one of the countries most experienced event bureau and offers events in all of Denmark, for groups of 5-1000 participants. For example:

• ”Cluedo” –2 hours mystery team-building, 10-500 participants
• ”Murder Mystery Dinner” – 3½ hours dinner witg a murder mystery, 5-80 participants
• Team parties, Team-building, Christmas luncheons, Cocktail-bar, DJ, and more.

Contact us for more.

Midgaard Event:

ESCAPE ROOM is developed by Midgaard Event, who are professional event planners, and has a lot of experience with many different kind of events, f.ex team-building, mysteries and themeparties. We operate all over Denmark, read more at or call/write to us.

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