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Book an Escape Room for your next teambuilding activity in your company! You will experience a well-developed concept, which can motivate and develop your employees, create enthusiasm and renew your energy. Escape Room by Midgaard Event is the perfect choice for a company-day, team building exercise or perhaps a different sort of conference day.

Our Live Escape Room is specifically designed to increase your cooperation skilles and motivate you to think creatively and communicate. The game is ideal to be part of for instance a meeting, a theme day, an educational course, a company party or a Christmas lunch, and is tailor-made for team building. An Escape Room visit contributes to increased team spirit, depicts your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, tests your team-communication and the Escape Game simultaneously encourages an atmosphere of dedication and fun.

Our Outbreak rooms is the largest escape room setup of its kind in Europe. You can attend 10 teams simultaneously, with each team having their own room. It’s the perfect setup for teambuilding. Our Da Vinci Rooms allow you to compete 3 teams simultaneously. Which team is the best at cooperating, solving the riddles and escaping the room first?
We also have a Sherlock room which, with its unique design, encourages two teams to cooperate across two different rooms to solve the mystery together.


  • Extraordinary and popular teambuilding activity, where brainpower and teamwork beats physical strength.
  • 10 Outbreak rooms, 3 Da Vinci rooms, and Sherlock double-room
  • Possibility of teamwork exercise before and feedback after escape room sessions, included in price.
  • All our staffmembers speak fluent English.
  • Conference room for meetings
  • Celebration of the results with Champagne, wine or other catering
  • Beer, soda, wine, fruit, chips and snacks in nice professional surroundings
  • Closing or opening the event with catering


We can run 15 groups of 6 people simultaneously. If your group is bigger, we can also split and do 2 rounds. Just across the street is “Fælledparken”, a nice outdoor park with possibility of active outdoor events for the group not engaged in escape rooms. We gladly provide suggestions and manpower for outdoor activities as well.

Please see our Other Event Possibilities for more information about our activities.


Midgaard Event is one of the most experienced event agencies in the country, and we offer events all over Denmark for groups of 4-500 people. For instance:

  • Outbreak Mobile Escape Room‘ – 2 hour, up to 120 people anywhere in Denmark.
  • ‘Cluedo’ – 2 hour Mystery-teambuilding, 10-500 participants
  • ‘Murder Mystery Dinner’ – 3½ hour dinner with murder mystery, 5-80 participants
  • Theme parties, team building, Christmas Lunches, Cocktail bar, DJ and much more.

We are professional event contractors and are very experienced conducting a variety of events, for instance teambuilding, mysteries and theme parties. Please go to Mysteries Across the Country, or visit Midgaard Event’s website to learn more about your options.

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