Polterabend i København med Escape Room

Bachelor Party In Copenhagen

Our Escape Rooms provide a super fun activity for a bachelor party in Copenhagen, where you will be forced to use your heads and cooperate. We can accomodate up to 90 people simultaneously, and adding to the Escape Rooms, we can also offer a range of extra opportunities, such as a poker tournament, a casino event, a cocktail course or an exquisite wine- or beer tasting. You can enjoy some refreshments in our classy library or our cozy lounge, after you’re finished with the Escape Room Game, where we can serve beer, soda and even Champagne of the finest quality!

We offer

  • 3 Identical Da Vinci Rooms. Perfect for Competition
  • Double Room Sherlock. Perfect for Cooperation
  • 10 Outbreak Outbreak. Perfect for large groups up to 60 people.
  • We serve Beer, Wine, Champagne & Snacks for a great price.

We want to make sure that you have the best possible bachelor party experience, so we’ll provide for a tailormade arrangement, where every player gets a genuine, fulfilling and fun bachelor party with us at Escape Room by Midgaard Event. Invite your friends, and the bride and/or groom to an unforgettable Escape Room experience, where you will be put to the test with an hour of riddle-solving, complimented by any of our extra activities. Our charming and skilled personnel will take great care of you and ensure that you leave again with a big smile and some great memories of an amazing bachelor party. Have a great “polterabend” (danish for bachelor party)

Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

Help with planning your bachelor party?
Call +45 41 44 66 99
Write hello@escaperoom.dk

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