Our Houdini Escape Room, is a portable pop-up escape game, where you have 15 minutes to get out of Houdini’s old chamber. Houdini is a mobile Escape Room, which is 3,2*5 meters and can be set up indoor everywhere in Denmark and abroad. The game is designed for 2-4 players at a time, while cameras and TV-screens have been installed for by passing audience to be entertained and watch what’s going on in the game. The game is perfect for conferences, fairs, festivals and open events where it works perfectly as entertainment. We can do about 3 games an hour and the game can be customised to your need.


Harry Houdini is the most notorious escape artist in the world. He lived from 1874 to 1926 and was world renowned for his magic tricks and escape acts. He escaped from locked rooms, chests, boxes, while he occasionally would be lowered into water limiting air access. In 1926 he died from internal bleeding, shortly after a mentally disturbed fan hit him in the abdomen. He didn’t leave any heirs but in his last days, he transformed his chamber into one last escape mystery. His entire legacy is on stake for the team of keen challengers, which can solve the mystery and get out of Houdini’s Escape Room with the fastest time.


The mobile pop-up escape game is a 3,3*3,2-meter chamber with 2½ meter high walls. On the top of the walls there are cameras, lighting and TV-screens attached for the players inside the room to follow the game process and audience outside can observe the game. Inside the room the players must work together, solve riddles and other challenges. The game is only 15 minutes making it an intensive Escape Room. The progress is followed closely by our skilled gamemasters, presented in an immersive suited bowler dress.
The riddles are easily accessible, as the time is short, therefore you won’t be given any hints like in our other longer and harder escape rooms. The game is entertaining for the players, as well as the observers. The audience can watch the game from outside the room without seeing the solutions to the riddles, making it possible for them to play the game afterwards.


The game is great for beginners, as the difficulty level is Easy to Medium, but the time limited. The riddles are created from a mix of visual, logical, mathematic and linguistic challenges, requiring a pallet of different talents and skill sets. If the team finishes before the time runs out, the game ends with a push on a button, which releases the winner melody.


Our portable Houdini Escape Room is custom designed by our skilled game developers, making the game unique and therefor can’t be ordered anywhere else. The riddles are original and diverse, the atmosphere indulging, magical, mysterious and inspired by the 1920’s. The riddles, scenography, music and costumes are inspired by Houdini’s enchanting universe. It takes around 3 to 5 hours to install the Escape Room and approximately 2 hours to take it down again. All it takes is a minimum 3,2*5-meter area.


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Houdini Pop-up Escape Room
Escape rooms : 1
Players per game : 2-4
Players per hour: up to 12
Duration : 15 min
Completion rate : 60% (Medium)
Difficulty Levels : Medium
Price: From 15.000,- (contact salg@mev.dk)

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