Solve the Mystery in Challenging Escape Room Game!

Escape Room is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a unique entertainment and teamwork activity. Our Escape game rooms are designed in a Da Vinci theme, and when you enter, an exciting journey starts throughout history with secret orders, relics, grandmasters, science and art.

Our Escape Room Game is a great mystery room, and when the door closes behind you, your mission begins with different puzzles and mysteries, and you have 60 min. to find your way to unlock the Escape Room. This Room Escape Game is perfect for polterabend, friends, and corporate teambuilding.

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Fun Teamwork

Escape Room is a creative teambuilding and team spirit at its highest. Your team player skills are put to the test, and to get out of the Escape Room in only 60 minutes you must work together, and communicate effectively. Escape the Room Games offers an ultimate challenge in group-dynamics and it’s an amusing way to spend time with friends, family or colleagues that will guarantee lots of laughs. Book Escape Room as a teambuilding activity, perfect for bachelor parties, birthdays or Christmas parties.

2-6 Players

Our Escape Room in Copenhagen is designed to give you an exclusive and intense experience and we therefore we keep the amount of participants for max 6 people in a room. This ensures that everybody is actively involved and contributes, rather than becoming spectators. I you already have experience with live escape room games, we recommend 3-5 people, and are you gifted , you can test if you can escape the room only 2 people. Expect a challenge only a few manage.

6-36 players

We have three identical Escape Rooms, which allows up to 18 people (three teams) to compete against each other simultaneously. For larger groups, book the escape rooms in continuation of each other. After 90 minutes the next 18 people can play. The Escape Rooms can be combined with a Casino Event, Cocktail Course or Wine Tasting and get an excellent event for 36 people, that experience 2 events at same location. Finish the Escape Game with enjoying Champagne, beer/soda/wine, catering or use our facilties for your conference or event.