Sherlock Escape Room

We’d like to welcome you to our Sherlock Escape Room, where you will have 75 minutes to save the British Monarchy from chaos and disruption by recovering secret photographs of Edward VII, Crown Prince of England. The Sherlock Escape Room puts the players to the test when it comes to Teamwork and Coordination, and it contains plenty of references to the Sherlock Holmes saga.
The game is built around 2 Escape Rooms, where the players are split into 2 groups (in total 6-12 players). From here the players must work together across the two different rooms, using teamwork to achieve the final goal – or fail miserably! We can also offer a VIP version of the most complete Escape Room experience in Denmark, where 1 group of 3-6 players gets 2 hours to solve the mystery across the two different rooms.


The year is 1902 and Edward VII, Prince of Wales is to be crowned the King of England. However, a hidden network of republicans, spearheaded by Colonel Holtenberg, intends to overthrow the British Monarchy. The new rulers are waiting in the shadows and are planning a major European war. The Colonel has gotten hold of some intimate photographs of the Crown Prince in the company of the French actress Sarah Bernhardt. If the Crown Prince doesn’t cancel the coronation within 75 minutes, the Colonel will publish the photographs. No matter the turnout the British Monarchy and indeed the fate of the World are at stake!

To counter this threat, a team of British agents have been rushed to Colonel Holtenberg’s mansion in Denmark – and this is where you step into the picture. Your mission is to infiltrate the Colonel’s mansion and get a hold of the photographs within 75 minutes, to ensure that the scandal is averted.


The Escape Rooms are full of challenges and riddles, and every skill at your disposal can be useful, be it logical, visual, linguistic, physical or sensual. You will be guided by one of our skilled Gamemasters who will introduce you to the game and follow you by camera throughout your session.

The Sherlock Experience consists of 2 Escape Rooms, and can be played in two ways:

  • Co-operative: You will be divided into 2 groups who will solve two different sets of mystery puzzles in their respective rooms. You will communicate and cooperate with each other across the rooms, as the main story unfolds. A total of 6-12 players can enjoy this experience across the 2 teams. Be assured that your Creative, Coordinative and Communicative skills will be put to the test in this exciting game!
  • VIP: This is the most extensive Escape Room experience you will encounter in Denmark. You participate in one group of 3-6 players, and you must solve the entire Sherlock Holmes Mystery across the two rooms in 2 hours. A perfect challenge for the brave and the bold!


The first thing you encounter upon arrival is the Gamemaster, who will introduce the experience to you. Before the game starts, you must choose which difficulty level you prefer. The difficulty is determined by the amount of hints you recieve during the game – the harder you want the game, the fewer hints you get. The hints will appear on a monitor which also shows how much time you have left.
The Sherlock Escape Room is a real challenge, and if you want to solve the mystery, you must utilize your wits, your creativity and your teamwork skills – otherwise, a cruel fate awaits you!


The Sherlock Escape Room is a unique design from Escape Room by Midgaard Event, and it is our largest project to this day. More than 2000 work-hours have been poured into the development, and the result is a grand experience, filled with extraordinary riddles, Sherlock Holmes references, an amazing set design as well as realistic and authentic props – many of which are over 100 years old.

Sherlock is the ultimate teambuilding experience if you want to try something you’ve never seen before, and if you want to put your teamwork to the test. Book a session now for your company teambuilding, fun with the family, a bachelor party or just a night out with your friends – we’ll provide the perfect setup for an unforgettable experience!


There is no reason to stop after you’re done with the Escape Room – we offer a number of entertaining activities to keep the fun going after your Escape Room event. You can play at the Casino, attend the Cocktail School, or how about some wine/champagne tasting, hosted by our certified and charming employees?

After you’ve tried the Sherlock Escape Room and gotten a taste for more, we can gladly tell you that Sherlock isn’t our only Escape Room! It just so happens that in the same building we have the fun and exciting Da Vinci Escape Room. Drawing inspiration from Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’, we offer an intriguing story in 3 carefully designed Escape Rooms for up to 18 people with unique puzzles inspired from the knowledge of Da Vinci. Or you can save the world from a deadly pandemic in Outbreak Escape Room .

Location: Østerbro
Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

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Cooperative game
Escape rooms : doubleroom (played simultaneously)
Players per game : 6-12
Duration : 75 min
Game length: corresponds to 1,25 standardgame (for each group)
Completion rate : 45%
Difficulty Levels : Expert

VIP game
Escape rooms : doubleroom (played in a row)
Players per game : 2-6
Duration : 120 min
Game length: corresponds to 2,0 standardgame
Completion rate : 70%
Difficulty Levels : Hard

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