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Experience an immersive escape room, and find the cure, to save the world from a deadly pandemic. You have 75 minutes to work together, explore the secret laboratory, in which an outbreak has occurred, develop the cure, and escape.
Outbreak is a thrilling escape room that can be experienced in one of our 10 permanently installed rooms in Copenhagen, or as a mobile escape room across all of Denmark, with up to 20 rooms.
This page focuses on the 10 permanently installed escape rooms. If you want to read about our nation-wide service, please click on this link for mobile escape room.


Outbreak is the largest escape game in Denmark. It is possible to play in 10 identical rooms with up to 60 guests, at the same time at our location in Copenhagen. It is perfect for business events, social clubs, schools and larger groups, since you will share the same experience instead of getting different games or starting times.
We recommend that the escape rooms are used by 3-6 guests at a time, since we strive to give the most intense, and highest quality experience possible. The quality of the experience can be compromised, by having more than 6 guests in a room at a time, since not everyone can be engaged in the activities.


Outbreak aims to give the participants a uniquely holistic experience using traits from total theatre. From the moment you step into the elevator up to our 360 sqm large penthouse room, we create a setting and an atmosphere using simple scenography, professional lighting and sound, and dressed actors. The experience is built around a large lounge, where the guests can go directly into the 10 escape rooms. The quick teams can relax in the lounge and keep track of the other teams, using a big screen tv that shows live data such as progress bars and a scoreboard.
Outbreak is more than just 10 separated escape rooms. It is a collective experience where groups up to 60 guests can get together, compete and have fun, without having to split up into different locations, types of games and play at the same time. All while maintaining our high standard of quality in each individual escape room and not making any compromises with the experience like allowing more than 6 people into an escape room.
Outbreak is the ultimate escape room for teambuilding, schools, or bachelor parties in Copenhagen.


2 of our Outbreak rooms are available online, the rest can only be booked upon request. If you wish to book our escape rooms for larger groups, then you have to contact us by calling, during opening hours, or by email.


Due to an accident, a deadly outbreak has occurred and killed an international research team in a biosafety laboratory. You are now situated inside of the quarantine zone. During the next 75 minutes, you must explore the secret laboratory, develop the cure, and stop the outbreak. The military have strict orders to obliterate the entire quarantine zone and everyone situated within, if you fail to develop the cure. You are humanity’s last hope, and it is going to be a race against the clock to find the cure and save the world from disaster. Immerse yourself into a thrilling world with an impending apocalypse, as seen in the movies ‘Contagion’, ‘Quarantine’, and ‘Outbreak’.


The game consists of several thematized riddles and tasks. You need work together and think outside the box to find new leads and challenges. The tasks are diverse, challenging and designed so that everyone can contribute and have a chance to develop the cure and save civilization as we know it.


We have 10 permanently installed Outbreak escape rooms in Copenhagen, and lounges for introduction and conclusion. The event will be held as a large competition where up to 10 teams will be competing against each other, to be the first team to develop the cure. This is ideal for larger groups, since this will give you a collective experience and you will not need to be given different types of escape rooms or starting times.


The game is designed with a difficulty that requires you to use your head, but everybody can participate and contribute. The puzzles have diversity, so every talent is usable, and it is fun whether you complete the room or not. You have 75 minutes in the room, and we offer 3 different difficulties: ‘’Hard’’, with a 55% completion rate and ‘’Expert’’ with a 35% completion rate. The difference being that the ‘’experts’’ get an additional puzzle to solve. We also offer our escape rooms with ‘’Junior’’ difficulty, where we have made some puzzles easier, designed for schools and birthday parties. The intro and outro will be given by our experienced crew of actors, who will set the stage and manage the games from start to finish. The actors will provide hints, if need be, to make sure that the game progresses and has a dynamic flow.


Outbreak Mobile Escape Room is custom designed, by our own game designers, and is an exclusive at Midgaard Event.


There are no supernatural elements in our games, and thus no zombies.
…and then again. We do have a special edition of our game, where the outbreak is a zombie disease, in which a few surprises and challenges are added to the game. If you are interested in the possibilities of a zombie outbreak and is willing to pay extra, then give us a call or an email for more information.


2 of our rooms are available as online bookings. The rest are booked through contact with one of our salespersons.


Do you wish to book more than 2 rooms? Then contact us.
Book a fantastic activity with an intense Escape Room.
For help with booking or question contact us:

Call +45 41 44 66 99
Or write to hello@escaperoom.dk

Location: Østerbro
Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

Help with Booking?
Call +45 41 44 66 99
Or write us at hello@escaperoom.dk

Outbreak Escape Room
Escape rooms : 10
Players per game : 2-6
Players simultaneously : up to 60
Duration : 75 min
Game length: corresponds to 1,25 standardgame
Completion rate : 55% (Hard), 35% (Expert)
Difficulty levels : Hard, Expert (1 extra puzzle) or Junior (1 less puzzle)

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