Escape Room is perfect for children and youths! The riddles are hard, but certainly not impossible, and in the Da Vinci and Outbreak Escape Room you can choose the level of difficulty ‘Junior’, where we help more often and thoroughly. Children and youths can have an amazing experience while being challenged in the exciting mystery. It often occurs that the children manage to solve assignments in a creative manner, where adults are having a hard time, so there is plenty of opportunity to pose a healthy challenge for them.


Our Escape Rooms are in no way physically demanding – everything can be solved with your fingers and your head, so everyone can participate. We have placed high focus on creative problem solving, so the riddles are not solved through the “ordinary” thinking that the children know from math-lessons or other similar school subjects. They are challenged at a different level than they are used to, where they are forced to think in the abstract, and are thus motivated to be creative in how they approach the problems.


Our Escape Rooms are challenging, but a Gamemaster is always present to ensure that the level of difficulty is adjusted, in order for everybody to have fun and participate. The level of difficulty is adjusted using clues, which appear on a screen in the room that the Gamemaster monitors via camera. You can choose the difficulty level “Junior”, to get the children off from a good start, and we can always lower the difficulty level a bit, if it becomes too hard, or hold back on the clues if the children turn out to be sharp-witted and can hold their own.

0-5 years: Can be in the room, but not participate.
6-9 years: The children can search an follow the story as the adults solve the puzzles
10-11 years: Can join with family and adults.
12-14 years: Can play in children groups at junior level. We recommend fellowship with an adult.
115 years: Can play in children groups at junior level without adults.

If it’s a children event, we recommend playing our Da Vinci or Outbreak Escape Room at level “junior”
If it’s a family event, we recommend level “difficult”


We make a point of the entire experience being consistent from start to finish. Imagine stepping into an adventure where you are the lead character – in a true Da Vinci Code manner, you must save the Holy Grail, or ward off an assassination attempt in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, together with your team of adventurers. Where today’s youths are increasingly bound to their smartphone screen, Escape Room by Midgaard Event can provide them the opportunity to experience an adventure in real life! They are welcomed by a Gamemaster in full costume, who sets the scene and draws them into the adventure in our cozy lounge, before they start in the room itself. After handling the challenges, we take a team photo, where they can pose with our fun props and signs, so they will have a memento from their Escape Room visit.


Our escape rooms are designed for a great experience for schools or youth clubs. You can participate up to 3 classes simultaneously, and in Outbreak alone, up to 2 classes can join. We design our rooms for a great fun experience where logical sense, creativity & teamwork are keys for success. Escape rooms are perfect for teambuilding for children.


When you book 3 or more rooms as a youth club or an institution, you have the option of being sent an invoice by EAN-number, even if you choose “Private”. Please contact us to receive help with booking.

Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

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