We have a number of opportunities we can offer you, when you visit Escape Room by Midgaard Event. If you are more than 3 teams, and you are to try our Escape Rooms in several rounds, why not spend an hour enjoying self-made cocktails, or try your luck at the casino tables? We offer a series of in-house events, so you can pep up your experience even more with one of our fun and entertaining events.

Please see below, to learn more about what we have to offer, to give you the best possible experience!


At Escape Room by Midgaard Event we are very particular when it comes to cocktails and beverages. We therefore hire some of Copenhagen’s most talented cocktail bartenders, when you book our cocktail school. They instruct you in how to produce variants of the most popular cocktails, where fresh ingredients and spirits are handpicked by the bartenders. Your task is to mix the cocktails you will later enjoy, and after the course, one of you might be the one to impress with knowhow on how to make the perfect cocktail, at the next office party.


Besides cocktail bartenders, we are also happy to book an expert sommelier, who will guide you through the exclusive world of wine and/or champagne. You will receive a thorough exposition of the history and art of brewing of the fine droplets, while naturally getting the opportunity to enjoy a couple of glasses, accompanied with instructions on how to make the most of a glass of exclusive wine or champagne. Likewise you can expand your Escape Room visit with a beer tasting, where you will be guided through the art of making the most of a well brewed beer, poured with care.


If you brought your car and can’t drink alcohol, we can of course provide other activities, such as our Casino Event. Here you can choose between playing roulette (with a genuine 32 inch wheel), Blackjack or Texas Hold’em poker. We arrange the setup of one or more casino tables in our conference room, and we also provide a certified casino dealer, who specializes in instructing any new players on how to play. This means that everyone can participate, regardless of level, and there is no threat of hazardous gambling taking place, since we provide a stack of chips for each player, for you to spend as you see fit. We can also arrange for exquisite prizes for the most hardcore gamblers, leaving you with more than just the bragging rights if you break the bank.


If you are conducting a teambuilding day where the focus is of a more professional character, for instance on analyzing the work efficiency during the Escape Room visit, we can provide a conference room for you. You will have access to a big widescreen, tables and chairs for 10+ people and a whiteboard. You can take teambuilding to the next level with a presentation in the conference room, where we also offer feedback from our Gamemaster, who observes our Escape Room guests, while the challenge is ongoing


The Escape Room visit is not physically challenging, so if you feel like activating your body, or simply enjoying a beautiful sunny day, we can arrange for events in Fælledparken, which is situated right next to our premises. The activities could consist of some event you have planned yourselves, something specific we provide for you, or for instance a combination of wine tasting in the fresh air and a couple of games for you to entertain yourselves with.


Visit our Mysteries Across the Country page, if you want an alternative experience with e.g. a Murder Mystery for the office party, the birthday etc. We can deliver events for 4-500 people across the country, and we will provide a customized offer which is fitted to your specific needs.

Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

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