• Start by finding a suitable time, where the requested Escape Rooms are available.
  • Book the first Escape Room, and type in the requested information.
  • Before entering payment, you are asked if you wish to “Add another booking” or “go to Checkout”. Choose “Add another booking”.
  • Book the next Escape Room (and repeat to add more rooms).
  • When you go to Checkout, confirm the requested bookings.

Use the opportunity to combine your Escape Room experience with other events like: Casino, cocktail course, wine tasting, meeting in our meeting room, catering etc. We can offer group events at our in-house facilities for 6-36 participants. Also, be sure to visit Midgaard Event’s website for business events, where we organize out-of-the-house team-mysteris for 4-500 participants.

Call us to get guidance at +45 41 44 66 99.

LAST-MINUTE BOOKINGS (No later than 48 hours prior to event)

We close our online booking 48 hours before the designated timeslot, and even though a time might not be available online, we may still be able to help. If you would like to book a time within the next 48 hours, please call us or write to us on our Facebook page to see if we can offer you a room and an available gamemaster.

Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

Help with Booking?
Call +45 41 44 66 99

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