Find the cure and save the world from a deadly epidemic in our brand new Outbreak Mobile Escape Room. In a hidden facility an epidemic has broken out, and you have 75 minutes to explore the secret laboratory, finish the cure and get out. Outbreak is an exciting and thrilling mobile Escape Room, and you can experience Outbreak in one of our 10 permanent rooms in Copenhagen or book our 20 mobile room escape games anywhere you choose in or outside of Denmark .


Outbreak is the largest Escape Game in Denmark. At our facility in Copenhagen you have the possibility of playing 10 identical games for 3-60 players simultaneously. This is perfect for corporate events, large groups, and schools since you will have a shared experience, where you won’t be divided into smaller games or different starting times. Outbreak is also Denmark’s largest mobile escape room, and with 20 mobile rooms you can attend up to 120 players simultaneously.


In a top secured science lab, a deadly epidemic has spread by accident and killed the international science team working there. The neighboring region, where you are located, is quarantined and you have 75 minutes to explore the secret laboratory, finish the cure and stop the outbreak. If you don’t complete the cure within 75 minutes the military will bomb the entire quarantine zone terminating all life within, to prevent a pandemic. It’s going to be a race against time to find the cure and save the Earth from a worldwide catastrophe. Enter an evocative pandemic world like in the movies ‘Outbreak’, ‘Contagion’ or ‘Quarantine’.


The Escape Room is made of a series of themed riddles and tasks. You need to cooperate and think out of the box to find new clues and challenges. The riddles vary, and are designed so that everyone can contribute and have a chance to find the cure and save the world from total annihilation.


We have permanently installed 10 Outbreak room escape games in Copenhagen, where we have facilities suitable for larger groups. The game will be held as one large competition, with up to 10 teams competing simultaneously and sharing the experience. Hence you don’t need to be divided or starting at different times.


Outbreak Escape Room is a transportable mobile Escape Room and can be set up both in- and outdoors in Denmark and abroad. Contrary to an escape box or a transportable mystery game, we won’t just bring a box with riddles. We bring riddles, furniture, tv-screens, props and gamemasters like in a real Escape Room, providing you with an authentic experience. Outbreak is perfect for team-building and a fun and challenging experience for larger groups, whether we use your location, or we find a suitable location for you. We have 20 mobile room escape games, and can organize for up to 120 players simultaneously.


The difficulty level is designed for you to think out of the box, but everybody can participate and contribute. Around half of the teams succeed within the time limit, but no matter if you make it or not, it’s fun. The game last 75 minutes, and we offer 2 difficulty levels: “Hard” with est. 55% completion rate, and and “Expert” with est. 35% completion rate. The difference is that in “Expert” we have added an extra puzzle, which has to be solved within same time. The game will be introduced and concluded by our skilled actors, who set the atmosphere for the game and will control it from the start to the end. If you hit a dead end during the game, it’s possible to get hints, so the game gets a dynamic flow.


Outbreak Mobile Escape Room is designed by our own game developers and is only available at Midgaard Event. The game is a mobile Escape Room, and can be set up in almost all surroundings, such as conference centers, canteens or meeting rooms. The game can be set up in several small rooms or in one big hall, where we separate the groups by putting up barriers. You can use your own location, or we can help you find one with one of our many partners.


We offer 20 mobile Escape Rooms, each hosting 3-6 people – this means that we can accomodate up to 60 people in total. We offer extraordinary events and recommend that the teams are not bigger than 6 people for the best team dynamics. If the teams are bigger, it often results in waiting time, and some players become spectators instead. If you are more than 120 people, then contact us and we will find a solution that fits your need. Our actors and instructors can set up the game in 2-4 hours and can take it down in 1-2 hours. The mobile setup of the game works best if the intro and end briefing is given in a larger common room, after which the teams divide into separate rooms for the escape room experience. We can however adapt to many different setups and can create smaller roms by dividing larger rooms. All escape rooms should be at least 12-20 square meters with a power outlet. Our mobile Escape Room can be used for various occasions like private events, conferences, seminars, Christmas parties, teambuilding or as an entertaining group activity.


Book an amazing activity with an intense and fun Escape Room experience. The price depends on duration, location and how much we must adapt to your event. Get a non-committal offer on: salg@mev.dk +45 41 44 66 99

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Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

Outbreak Mobile Escape Room
Escape rooms : 20 (10 are installed at our facility)
Players per game : 3-6
Players simultaneously :
– at our facility : up to 60
– mobile, anywhere : up to 120
Duration : 75 min
Completion rate : 55% (Hard), 35% (Expert)
Difficulty Levels : Hard, Expert (1 extra puzzle) or Junior

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