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  • Downfall spy mission escape room
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After working on DOWNFALL since 2019, we are finally able to announce it opening 16. August 2021. Downfall is a premium escape room, where we have done our very best to create an experience far greater compared to what you normally expect from a standard escape room. Every detail has had a major upgrade like scenography, use of technology, multimedia, sounddesign and storytelling. our ambition is to create the best escape room in Denmark, and one of the best Escape Rooms in Europe. Surely this is a difficult task.


In “DOWNFALL – Spy Mission Escape Room” you are international spies on your most difficult mission yet. Deep behind enemy border anno 1989 you have infiltrated General Kolnikovs headquarter in the Soviet wasteland, and now you have 2 hours to prevent his plans to start world war 3. You need to reveal how he has planned to carry out his ambitions, and you need to prevent he succeeds. This demands teamwork, stealth and creativity, and since you are spies, you are of course undercover and in possession of gadgets.


DOWNFALL is our biggest project to this date, and the most expensive project we have done in more than 20 years. It has taken more than 2 years of hard work from 2019 to 2021 and more than 6000 workhours in preparations. We introduce a lot of new elements that hasn’t been seen before in Denmark, and maybe the world. That’s also why we have chosen to call it a “premium escape room”, as we believe DOWNFALL offers much more than a classic escape room setup.

DOWNFALL offers:
– Our suggestion on the ultimate escape room experience 3-6 players.
– 120 minute game, with double time and puzzles compared to normal games
– A story-driven mission where puzzles, scenography and special effects a combined in a holistic spy-story.
– Innovative fun puzzles, that challenges both brain, body and creativity. Our plan is to offer lots of puzzles during the game.
– Fantastic scenography with focus on details and fun eastereggs. Through 1½ years we have bought fun props in the former Soviet Union.
– Electronic special effects. No more padlock on padlock puzzles with no connection to story or theme.
– Our cinema-surround-soundsystem with 24 -channels, 8 amplifiers and 37 speakers system introduces phenomonal sound-effects.
– Live actor with lots of interaction in the game. You are in a Soviet headquarter, and there are of course soldiers. Now its real life action
– Lots of easter-eggs, fun spy-details and gadgets.


We have put focus on the living story, and that’s why we introduce actors as a part of the mission and the challenges. You are undercover as spies in Kolnikovs headquarter, and the actors are some of the challenges you need to take into considerations during your mission.

Beside the actor, you will of course still be able to get help during the game, of you are stuck or it is difficult to pass within time.

DOWNFALL is the ultimate escape room for teambuilding , families and friends, fun activity for tourists or a bachelor party in Copenhagen.


You can book DOWNFALL online or by call/write. If you are more than 6 people, you can split into more teams, and play some of our other games simultaneously and then swift. It’s a perfect match for a program filled with fun and competition.


The level of difficulty is designed such that you need to use your head, but everyone can participate. There is a great variety of puzzles, so the players can contribute with different competences, and no matter if you succeed within time or not, it will be fun. We have designed the puzzles with focus on more and faster puzzles with fun effects, in comparison to fewer and more complicated puzzles. But most importantly is that all puzzles support the story and the spy-theme and naturally is a part of the mission-flow


DOWNFALL is suited for both experienced escape room enthusiasts and beginners. The game is first and foremost driven by the spy-story with fun surprises and lots of puzzles, but it is designed such that every one, no matter experience, are able to succeed. For those who loves spy-movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible, there are also lots of well-known details that will contribute to the experience.


“DOWNFALL – Spy Mission Escape Room” is designed by our own creative designers, and the game is only available at ESCAPE ROOM by Midgaard Event.


Contact us and get help with booking or with your questions:
Call (+45) 41 44 66 99
or write to hello@escaperoom.dk

Help with Booking?
Call +45 41 44 66 99
Write hello@escaperoom.dk

Downfall spy mission escape room

Downfall – Spy Mission Escape Room
Escape rooms : 1
Players per game : 3-6
Players simultaneously : 6
Duration : 120 min
Game length: corresponds to 2 standardgames
Completion rate : unknown
Difficulty Levels : Hard

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