Book ESCAPE ROOM as Event

It’s possible to book ESCAPE ROOM by Midgaard Event for corporate events and teambuilding or for family and friends, bachelor parties, birthdays etc.

We offer 3 identical game rooms, hence 3 groups can compete against each other simultaneously. The maximum amount of participants is 6 people per team, so a maximum of 18 people can participate every 1½ hour. (before 1. september 2016, maximum number of participants is 12 people). If you are more than 18 people you can book 2 following timeslots.

Midgaard Event is very experienced with mystery entertainment for both men and women, and people at all ages. Our Live Room Escape Game is perfect for a kick-off-event, since you have to use teamwork to solve the mystery. It does well as an “icebreaker” and gives all participants something to talk about in the next coming days.

Try ending with celebrating your efforts with a bottle of Champagne in our lounge, where you can share stories, teamwork and alternate strategies.

We also offer facilities for other events, Casino, Cocktail courses, Wine tasting and Champagne, meeting or catering.

Finally we do a lot of events at other sites all over the country. Try our Cluedo mystery for 10-400 participants, which we can do at hotels and rented facilities, or at the company domicil.
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