The safety of our guests is the most important thing to us, so all you need to do, is to enjoy your experience and concentrate on the game.

If you have a business event and need an evacuation plan, fire escapes, or a safety inspection, then let us know for further assistance.


Due to corona in society, we have since spring 2020 introduced extra precautions and cleaning procedures. We clean our areas several times daily, and follow all authority-guidelines for a safe and fun experience.


Our philosophy is to be as safe and comfortable as being at home or the office. To do this we made sure to established fire escapes, visible emergency exit signs, and design the rooms so that you can always leave the room without having to depend on our hosts to let you out.

Despite the name escape room, we can inform you that no one is trapped in our rooms. Everyone can freely and safely leave our escape rooms at any time. It is, however, not possible to re-enter in some of our escape rooms, since it could ruin the experience for the rest of the group.


Our lounges are all built with double fire escapes and emergency exits, and with good width, so that up to 150 people can use the premises safely. There are fire alarms in every room, exit signs that will show you the way to the nearest exit, and our personnel is trained in emergency procedures.


Escape room is an activity for the head and therefore not very physical. Which is why there are no particular dangers involved with the game. We have placed first aid kits in every staff room, in the event an accident occurs, which are maintained and controlled frequently. There is also a defibrillator located only 100 meters away from our premises, by the football clubhouse at Vibenshus metro station. There will most often be personnel who is at least first aid certified, but we cannot guarantee it.


We strive to make our surroundings ‘’Hyggelige’’, pleasant, roomy, professional, and appealing to everyone. Thus, we don’t use any scare effects. We take special care and showcase the rooms and how easy they are to leave; in case someone suffers from claustrophobia. We do this to make the guest relax and play on the same level as the rest of the participants.


Outbreak is all about finishing a cure on time, which is why you are not locked in a room. The permanently installed Outbreak rooms are built in a theatre, and the walls are made of a flame-retardant-cloth. You can just walk out the doors, should you wish to leave the room. There are 2 emergency exits from the lounge.


Sherlock is a break-in room and you can always walk back out the unlocked door. There are secret passageways, but they open automatically in case they are activated, or the power goes out. A red emergency box has a visible spare key for one of the teams.


Da Vinci is a classic escape room where you must find the password to the exit. There is a large button by the door, should you wish to leave the room without having completed the tasks. The is also a battery-driven lock-disconnector in case of power outs.

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