When you visit the Da Vinci Escape Room you will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, find the key to the Holy Grail, and to find the exit-code for escaping the room. To achieve this, you must cooperate, coordinate and think out-of-the-box, for it is no ordinary challenge that you are facing! The Escape Room theme is designed with inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci and belongs to the legendary Da Vinci Order.
The Escape Game itself is designed to entertain 3 – 6 persons in order to get the optimal experience. We have 3 completely identical rooms, so it’s possible for up to 18 people to play simultaneously – the perfect competition to find out who really has the sharpest minds!


You are professors in art history and antiquities, and you have recieved a mysterious letter from an old professor in history called Johannes Klosterberg. The letter doesn’t say much, except that he is in great danger and that he needs your help. He wants to bring you information about the existence of the Holy Grail and the evil Brotherhood of the True Emperors who seek to find the Grail and use its powers for evil purposes.
Therefore you have traveled to a secret location, belonging to the ancient Da Vinci Order, where professor Klosterberg will contact you with more information about your important mission.


Once you are inside the Escape Room, your task is to solve a series of riddles and challenges. These riddles are designed to test even the sharpest minds, and since the Da Vinci Order uses these Escape Rooms to keep the secret of the Holy Grail hidden, only the smart and clever will be able to make it.
It cannot be done single-handedly, since it requires coordination, communcation and creativity to complete all of the challenges in the Escape Room before the 60 minutes run out. The challenges inside are different in style and difficulty, so the artist may sometimes be able to find a solution that the scientist could not – and vice-versa.


When you enter the building, you will be welcomed by a Gamemaster who will introduce you to the game. Here, you can choose the difficulty level, which is defined by the amount of hints the Gamemaster will give you during the game. The Gamemaster will monitor your progress by camera, and will send hints to a monitor inside the Escape Room, where you can also see how much time you have left, and how much of the game you have completed.
The Da Vinci Escape Game is one of the most challenging Escape Games in Copenhagen, so if you manage to make it out in time, you will recieve the honor of the Guardians of the Holy Grail, and if you’re fast enough, you will be featured on our ‘Best Times’ list with your team name, completion time and amount of hints.


The Da Vinci Escape Room is uniquely designed by our own people, who are skilled in the craft. The atmosphere is adventurous and will draw you into a mystery where your creativity and wits will be tested. The style is inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller ‘The Da Vinci Code’, and the puzzles are original, challenging and non-linear. This means that 5 people don’t have to stare at the same puzzle at the same time, since there are several puzzles to be solved simultaneously.
The Da Vinci Escape Game is designed to include players of all levels and skill, and there is always the possibility of getting hints from the Gamemaster if you’re completely stuck.
If you want to try a unique teambuilding experience and test your teamwork skills, book the Da Vinci Escape Room. The event is perfect for company teambuilding, a bachelor party in Copenhagen, fun with the family or just a night out with your friends. We’ll make sure you’ll get an experience, you won’t forget any time soon!


There is no reason to stop after you’re done with the Escape Room – we offer a number of entertaining activities to keep the fun going after your Escape Room event. You can play at the Casino, attend the Cocktail School, or how about some wine/champagne tasting, hosted by our certified and charming employees? Check the Other Eventpossibilities page for inspiration on how to plan the perfect event at Escape Room by Midgaard Event.
Adding to that, you also have the opportunity to visit us again for a different Escape Room experience in our unique Sherlock Escape Room. The game is as fun as the Da Vinci Escape Game, but double the size. You will solve puzzles and work together against the clock, but the setting, puzzle and story is different. You can also visit Outbreak escape room and save the world from a fast spreading pandemic.

Location: Østerbro
Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

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Da Vinci Escape Room
Escape rooms : 3
Players per game : 2-6
Players simultaneously : 18
Duration : 60 min
Game length: corresponds to 1 standardgame
Completion rate : 55% (Hard), 40% (Expert)
Difficulty Levels : Hard, Expert or Junior

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