Who are we

Midgaard Event is one of the most experienced event companies in Denmark and we have been creating professional events since 2000.
We are specialist within planing and executing team-building and theme events, and we have a certain love for mysteries, role playing and interactive events. Our regular clients include Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Nordea, Simcorp, Regions & public services, and a great number of other companies and private customers.

Our staff are a mix of game-enthusiasts and event makers, who has developed ESCAPE ROOM so you can have an entertaining experience. We are nerds, who enjoy brain puzzles and mysteries with tools from psychology, HR, theatre, logistics and great customer service. Our mission is to create an exciting story and make extraordinary experiences that strengthen the corporate spirit.

Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

Help with Booking?
Call +45 41 44 66 99
Write hello@escaperoom.dk

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“Best Escape Room in Denmark”
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