Who are we?

Mystery Escape is an international ´Live Escape Room Game´ concept from Paris. Here 20.000 people have already tried the game and the concept is an enormous worldwide success that has taken everyone by storm and is still getting recognition and highly positive mentions. The game is thoroughly designed down to the smallest detail and Mystery Escapes rooms are built specifically for these gameevents and are furthermore precisely decorated and furnished with the specific theme of the rooms in mind.

Behind Mystery Escape there are a small group of highly enthusiastic gamelovers and excellent eventproducers who have designed our Escape Room so that you will get a memorable and entertaining totalexperience that will challenge even the best puzzle and cluesolver. We are nerds who enjoy designing mysteries and complex codes and plan our detailed and exclusive rooms which creates the perfect parallel universe and makes sure you can lose yourself in the wonderful world of mysteries. Our mission is to create a good and seducing story and make extraordinary experiences that will strengthen the unity and fellowship between the players.

From 1. of july 2016 Mystery Escape doesnt exist anymore.

Escape Room by Midgaard Event is the new escape room at Aldersrogade 6A