“How do I book a game?”
Bookings are made online through our secure systems here

“How old do you have to be to play?”
ESCAPE ROOM is made for everyone, 10 years old and above, but players down to 6 years can participate and assist with finding things and experience the story. Children under 12 years has to be accompanied by adults. For children 13-15 years we offer a junior version of the game.

“Do I have to be physically fit to play the game?”
No, no physical strength is needed in the game.

“Do I need to have any specific knowledge to play the game??”
No specific knowledge is needed, other then logical understanding, being able to think outside the box, creativity and good team-work. The game is suitable for all levels.

“Where is ESCAPE ROOM located?”
ESCAPE ROOM is located at Midgaard Event in Østerbro, Copenhagen, right next to Fælledparken and only 10 min from Nørreport with public transportation. Take bus 42 to the busstop Aldersrogade or bus 8A to Vibenhus Runddel. We are located 10 min from Ryparken st.

“How many players can a team consist of?”
The game is designed to entertain and challenge 3-5 players per room. If you are prepared to work and think extra quick you can settle with 2 team members and if you are willing to settle with a less intense experience, is it possible to be 6 members.

“Will you lock me in into the room?”
Yes, – but there is an exit bottom next to the door so that you can leave the room in case of an emergency. As an extra protection uour trained gamemaster will monitor you the entire time to guide you, and make sure that you get a good experience.

“Will my time in the room be recorded?”
No. The game room is equipped with cameras so your game master can follow your processes, but neither videos nor sound recordings from your experience will be saved.

“Can I book more the one room at the same time?”
Yes, please se our booking system for availibility, or call or write to us. We have to game rooms that enables up to 12 players to play at same time.

“Do you offer different levels of ESCAPE ROOM?”
ESCAPE ROOM by Midgaard Event is one of the harder versions of escape rooms.

Our gamemasters adapt the help for each team, and if you want we can offer editions with more or a lot of help.

We also have a children edition after agreement.

“How many teams succeed?”
Approx 50% manage to finish the game, and only a very few teams finish the game under 50 min. This far no team has finished the mystery in less the 40 min.

“When should we arrive?”

All team members are suggested to arrive 5-15 min before the booked time slot. We start of with a short introduction and the game will begin approximately 15 min after the resereved time.
Being late might risk you loosing valuable playtime which might make the game very difficult to win.

“Do you offer the game in different languages?”
Yes, our game is designed for both Danish and English. Please write your preferred language when you make your booking, so that we can prepare the room and have it ready for you upon your arrival.

“What does it cost to play the ESCAPE ROOM?
Our prices vary depending on the size of the team (3-5 players) abd the time for the game. The cheapest timeslots are out of our peak-times, see our booking page for our full price list.

“How can I pay?”
We accept most popular credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AmEx. We only accept dankort if they are VISA-dankort. We accept cash, but only with exact change. (We have no possibility to give any money back).

“Can I change my booking, or have it annulled?”
It is not possible to get any money back for a payed booking. However you can change the reserved timeslot for a change-fee à 400,-

“Do you offer gift vouchers?”
Yes, ESCAPE ROOM has a special program for designing gift voucher and can be found at BUY GIFT VOUCHER FOR ESCAPE ROOM.

Please contact us for more information.

Help with Booking?
Call +45 41 44 66 99
Or write us at hello@escaperoom.dk