“How do I book a game?”
Bookings are made online through our secure systems here. We can also help over the phone, if you are having trouble completing your order or have any questions. We can make a booking for business groups, if you contact us.

“We are a large group. Can we book your Da Vinci and Sherlock Rooms, so they start at the same time?
Yes! We normally place the time-slots slightly offset, but if you book well ahead, we can reshuffle and place the bookings concurrently, in order for larger groups to arrive collectively. Contact us via email or phone to set up the arrangement.

“Do I need to be physically fit to play?
No, you don’t have to be fit at all as Escape Room is a game for people who use their heads.

“How many people can play?”
Outbreak Escape Room is the largest escape room setup of its kind in Europe. 10 teams of up to 60 people can play simultaneously. The Da Vinci Escape Room is designed to entertain and challenge 3-6 people per room, and the Sherlock Escape Room is designed to accommodate 6-12 people. If you have tried Escape Room Games before, we recommend 3-5 people in Da Vinci and 6-10 in Sherlock. The fewer people you are, the harder it becomes. If you are ready to collaborate and think extra fast, you can try out Da Vinci with only 2 participants.

“Why do you recommend max 6 people per room?”
We strive to deliver a luxurious experience, and being too many people is what we in Denmark call ‘watering down the beer’, as some of the guests will end up just watching, while others solve riddles. The collaboration intensifies, as fewer people participate. It is our experience that other Escape Rooms place too many people in each Escape Room, even though those rooms have fewer riddles than our rooms, are linearly composited, or simply smaller than our rooms.

“We would like to be one team, can you accommodate more than 6 people in your Da Vinci Escape Room?”
Our Da Vinci Escape Room and Outbreak Escape Room are designed to accommodate up to 6 people, to provide the best experience. We therefore recommend, if possible, to book the Sherlock Escape Room instead (Where you can be up to 12 people), thus providing you the experience of playing as one team, while everyone participates actively from 2 different locations. However, we have had 7 people in our Da Vinci Room on several occasions, and the experience is still good, albeit less intense. As for groups of children, we have, successfully, even had 8 children in our rooms.

“I am claustrophobic – is this a problem?”
No – we have had several claustrophobic visitors, who have had an amazing experience. We have an exit-button next to the door, so you may leave the room at any time in case of an emergency. However, so far none have chosen to use it (apart from urgent restroom visits :-). Moreover, a professional Gamemaster monitors the entire game to ensure you have the best possible experience.

“Is it creepy, or are there any shock effects during the game?”
No – we have created a filmic experience in line with the Sherlock Holmes and the Da Vinci Code universes, where no jump scares are necessary. Both children and adults, as well as people who scare easily, will enjoy themselves.

“In your booking system, some rooms are listed as CANCELLED and some as FULL. Is there a difference?”
No – In short, both listings mean that the room is taken. The available rooms have a green button.

“How old do you have to be, to play?”
Our Escape Rooms are designed for ages 10 and older, but children as young as 6 years may participate and assist in finding items and experience the story. Children below the age of 12 must always be accompanied by an adult. For the age 12-15, we offer a junior version of our Da Vinci room, which can be played without the company of an adult. Please note: In the Da Vinci room, the game starts by showing a video of someone getting shot. You may want to choose for the youngest not to watch that part.

0-5 years: Can be in the room, but not participate.
6-9 years: The children can search an follow the story as the adults solve the puzzles
10-11 years: Can join with family. In the room must be one adult.
12 years: Can play in children groups at junior level in fellowship with an adult.
13-15 years: Can play in children groups at junior level without adults.

If it’s a children event, we recommend level “junior”
If it’s a family event, we recommend level “difficult”

“Can we bring a baby or/and baby carriage?”

Yes! We have had several people visiting with their baby and carriage.

“Is it necessary to be familiar with Sherlock Holmes or the Da Vinci Code in order to play?”
No, it is not necessary. Our game is designed so that both the story and the riddles can be experienced without having watched the movies or read the books. However, those who have, will recognize fun effects and references, and we have even incorporated some “Easter eggs” that only true nerds will discover.

“Do we have to prepare anything before playing?”
No, just arrive on time, and we will guide you from there!

“Where is Escape Room by Midgaard Event located?”
The address is Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen, at Midgaard Event’s premises. It is right next to Fælledparken and only 10 min. from Nørreport Station, using public transportation. Just take bus 42 to the stop Aldersrogade, or bus 8A to the stop Vibenhus Runddel. We are situated approximately 10 minutes walking distance from Ryparken Station.

“Are you recording what I do during the game?”
No. The room is equipped with cameras in order to facilitate the game, but no video- or sound recordings are saved!

“Is there a group discount?”
All our bookings are group-bookings, and all discounts are calculated within the price. For each extra participant in a room, the average price lowers. Also we offer a off-peak discount (sunday-friday 2:30 pm at latest). Besides these we don’t offer further discounts.

“Can I book several game-rooms all at once?”
Yes! Please visit our booking system to see vacancies, or call or email us. We have 15 game-rooms and can accommodate up to 90 people playing at the same time. If you are more than 90 people, you can book successive time-slots, and even book some extra activities (read more about that in the Other Event Possibilities section).

“What is the level of difficulty?”
Escape Room by Midgaard Event belongs in the difficult end of Escape Rooms.
In the Da Vinci Room and Outbreak Escape Rooms, we offer 3 levels of difficulty, so we can adapt the game to suit both beginners and experienced players:

  • Junior (for confirmands and children – where we help out a lot)
  • Difficult (The standard level for adult beginners – approximately 40% complete it)
  • Expert (The level for adult experienced players – approximately 20% complete it)

Approximately half the groups complete the Da Vinci Escape Room. The Sherlock Escape Room is harder, and we currently have one difficulty level, where about a third of the groups complete it.

“Is it fun, if you do not complete it?”
Yes! Our Escape Rooms are entertaining and exciting, regardless of whether the team completes it or not.

“When should we arrive?”
All team players must be ready for instruction at the appointed time, so please arrive 10-15 minutes before, so you have time to hang your coat and visit the bathroom. If you arrive later, we may have to shorten the active game-time, which makes completing the game rather difficult.

“Do you provide the game in both English and Danish?”

“Is it possible for walking-impaired or disabled people to participate?”
Outbreak is highly accessible for wheelchairs. It can be accessed with elevator, and no further doorsteps. In the Da Vinci Room, our arrival lounge is placed on the ground floor with 10 steps up from street level. We have had wheel chair users (however, note that some parts of the game are difficult to access for wheel chair users or people using crutches.) But the groups completed the game by collaborating and involving the wheel chair user, and it is our impression that everyone was thrilled. The Sherlock Escape Room is in the basement, which is accesed by a narrow staircase, so it is not suitable for wheelchair users, unfortunately.

“How much does it cost to book an Escape Room?”
Our prices vary, depending on the team’s size, whether you book as a private customer or the business package and the time of day. The lowest prices are outside of peak-hours.
Please go to Escape Room Prices for more information.

“Which type of payment do you accept?”
We accept most credit cards, ex: Visa, MasterCard, Amex. We only accept Dankort, if it is a Visa Dankort. We also accept Mobile Pay. We accept cash if receiving the exact amount – we do not have a cash holding, so we cannot provide change.

“Is it possible to change a booking or cancel an order?”
Purchase of Escape Room is covered by the same legislation that covers tickets for theatre and concerts. It is not possible to receive a reimbursement for a reservation. It is possible to reschedule a reservation no later than 14 days prior to the date of the event, provided a rescheduling fee of 400 DKK is paid.

“Do you sell gift certificates?”
Yes, Escape Room by Midgaard Event has a special gift certificate program. Please go to the Gift Voucher page for more information.

You are always welcome to contact us at hello@escaperoom.dk or call us at 41 44 66 99 if you any any questions!

Address: Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen

Help with Booking?
Call +45 41 44 66 99
Write hello@escaperoom.dk

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