ESCAPE ROOM by Midgaard Event

Try our ESCAPE ROOM to see if you together can solve all the challenges in the room. ESCAPE ROOM contains of puzzles, riddles, surprises, adrenalin and excitement and you have 60 minutes to corporate and solve the mysteries and escape our special designed room.

The room is both fun and challenging, and consists of physical clues, padlocks and codes, that  all together helps you onward in the game and to finally solve the mystery. In order to escape you have to be creative, and think both logical and abstract. The solutions demands teamwork, and to think outside the box.
No matter if you are beginners or experienced players, you will have a fun and challenging experience that demands concentration and cleverness. We have 3 identical game rooms where you can be 3-6 participants in each, so there is also the posibility to compete with you friends, colleges or family to be the fastest team to escape.

The game

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by our gamester who will introduce you to the story, explain the rules and answer any questions you might have. Then you enter the room and the door will shut close behind you. Through special designed software and webcam the gamemaster will follow you and can help with hints if necessary. You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, and afterwards there is a possibility to get the explanations to any unsolved puzzles. After the game, you can choose to celebrate your efforts with a bottle of bubbles and snacks, and for corporate events we offer feedback on the team efforts.

The story

You are professors, who has been travelling from all over the world to the city of Vienna, to meet with Professor Johan Klosterberg. The only message you have received, is that he needs your assistance immediately, and that he recently discovered some great insights regarding the old Da Vinci Order, in which you have done a lot of research. As you arrive to his address, you discover that something is wrong. -The door is open, but the professor is not there. Close to the door hangs a key and a message with the writing “The wardrobe in the bedroom!”. You walk to the bedroom, open the locked wardrobe, and enter a hidden room, that looks like a study room from early 1900’s with heavy wooden ceiling, parquet floor and pictures of Einstein, Beethoven, Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci. As you enter the room, a television on the wall turns on. ”
“Hello, I’m glad you arrived. I am Professor Klosterberg. I only have a short moment, now listen carefully, what I have to tell you…”

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